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Our Businesses:

Design and Consulting

Bringing our years of experience to your yard, home, or business.

Landscape Design

We bring our award-winning landscape design expertise, as featured on TV, to transform your yard or garden into a stunning outdoor oasis.

Interior Design

We specialize in finding creative solutions to tricky design challenges in your home. Let us help you discover your style and make your home work for you!

Business Consulting

With expertise in merchandising, operations, automation, and growth strategies, we are well-equipped to leverage our decades of experience to help you grow yours!

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Rodney Lee & Co

We offer all of these services through our brand Rodney Lee & Co. To learn more, or to get started, please visit the Rodney Lee & Co website.

Online House Plant Store

Named after Jake’s grandfather, Milton—a man whose passion for plants and the outdoors has profoundly influenced our mission. With an extraordinary collection of tropical plants, cacti, and succulents, Milton’s dedication to his green companions was unparalleled. He built his own greenhouse, a testament to his commitment and love for botany, where he meticulously cared for each plant, many of which came from his travels.

Inspired by Milton’s legacy, Milton’s Plants aims to bring a piece of his world to you. We believe that plants are not just decorative items but living entities with stories and adventures of their own. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just beginning to explore the world of plants, we offer a curated selection designed to inspire and enrich your spaces.

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