Looking Back on OUr First Project together

Apple Photos popped up this morning with a fun photo. In the photo, two dudes in their early 20s, fresh from a trip from Lowe’s were cheese’n while working on some sort of wood project. Well, those two were us, freshly dating and doing our first project together.

I don’t remember how we got to the point of deciding to build the bed ourselves, but I do remember telling Rodney I needed a bed frame. After all, I was about to be a respectable age of 24 and it was high time my mattress was no longer on the floor. Platform beds were all the rage, and I had developed a fetish for Scandinavian Pine furniture. I had it in my head what I wanted, but there was no way I was going to be able to afford “the vision” on my barista budget. Before I knew it, Rodney had sketched up a whole plan and we found ourselves at Lowes. We packed all the wood into his little Izzue Rodio, and over the next few days we built a bed.

It’s important to note that we had been dating an entire ONE month at this time. And it was a short month, February. But this set that pattern for the rest of our relationship. In fact, we went to Lowe’s today. Also had to fit something the full length of the car. Today it was PVC pipe though.

All you young’ns need to understand something about these after photos. Instagram was a whole 5 months old. As a culture we were going in HARD on the filters. This was peak Ka$ha and we all wanted to pretend we were living in her TikTok Tick Tock music video. Go into any Urban Outfitters at the time, and this is what It looked like. Believe me, I “reclaimed” those two wooden boxes from the dumpster outside Urban Outfitters on Guadalupe in West University. They were old displays and literally just cubes of plywood.

That bed has been with us ever since. It’s lived many, many lives, but currently you can find it in our guest room. Does it look comfy? Surprisingly guests say it’s the best bed in the house. If you want to give it a try you can book a stay with us on MisterB&B.

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